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Cinema, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv

Commissioned to design a new cinema to be added to the iconic landmark Azrieli Center located, in the center of Tel Aviv, atop one of Tel Aviv’s most successful shopping centers which currently lacks a cinema.  In keeping with the original concept of each building having its own unique shape, the architecture of our design is also composed of a unique shape and aluminum cladding to juxtapose the existing architecture of the center as not to compete with it.  The new cinema will house five separate theaters with state-of-the-art technology in acoustics, sound, and picture.  The program also includes concessions, seating areas, and terrace seating areas which overlook Tel Aviv.  Upon completion, this will enhance the experience of Azrieli Center aesthetically, functionally, and for business.


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Client: Azrieli Group


Stage: Tender

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