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Poalim Digital, Tel Aviv

פועלים דיגיטל, תל אביב

Our studio researched, designed and developed Israel's first digital banking branch concept for Bank HaPoalim. The development involved a multitude of core stages that included flow of customers, defining the digital program along with the design of the digital space. We combined exceptional architecture solutions together with advanced technology to define the Bank HaPoalim's concept. The fluidity in the design chosen, in line with the bank's management and CEO, encourages clients to explore the many digital screens, information centers and custom furniture that were designed for each element. Among the many capturing features that invite clients into the branch is a large screen that seamlessly curves along a geometric wall which divides the ceiling into split level lighting.


The exterior is cladded in anodized aluminium, framing the colonada and southern facade. During the evening hours, passerby can see the LED light shine through various sized holes that are cut into the aluminium and emit a soft glow around its perimeter. The interior is an open space with ethereal lighting, both above and along the floor steps below. Two full size transparent screens show looped clips of the bank's digital concept. Clients who want a rest are invited to relax at the bank's learning center. HaKastel was the first of 5 digital branches to open around Israel.


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Client: Bank HaPoalim

Ara: 250 sq m


Status: Complete. Opened November 2015



Team Leader: Tagit Yabrov

Project Manager: Y. Kaiserman

Strategic Brand Design: Baruch Nae

Multimedia: Visualed

Contractor: Moysh

Lighting: RTLD

Photography: Esther Hershky & Sivan Farag

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