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Chemistry Lab Building

The three major existing undergraduate laboratories (General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry) of the school of Chemistry were designed and built in the 1960s under safety regulations that have no longer relevant. To comply with current regulations, 21th century science research standards and the rising student demand, it is necessary  to construct new up-to-date laboratories building on campus or to build an extension to the existing chemistry building complex.


The new laboratories building has  been planned according to green building principles. These are reflected first and foremost in the decision to add an extension to the existing Orenstein-Shenkar building complex without exploiting any of the campus’ open landscape.

The building is wrapped with a deep vertical louver aluminum system that provides ample shading for the west glass walls, protecting them from the heat of the local sun while enabling generous amounts of light to the lobbies and views of the surroundings. This same system also provides shade to the south and north facades; where the windows open to enable fresh air into the laboratories and their adjoining offices. The louvers also function as a screen to hide all the technical ducts needed for the fume hoods and other systems that the laboratories use. These ducts are limited to the south and north façade walls. Additional green elements include two full sized green walls located inside the building and on the east facade.

The new building will include highly equipped laboratories to inspire the next generation of chemistry scientists and will encourage research, creativity and the sharing of new ideas.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Area: 1800 sq m

Client: Tel Aviv University


Status: Proposal




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